Introducing a newly established ammunition factory in the heart of Europe, GetLoad s.r.o.

Our primary focus is remanufacturing of pistol and, as the only ones in Europe, also rifle cartridges, factory new production of common calibers for wholesale or export, ammunition refurbishing and custom-built special calibers, or less common calibers.

We operate in the Czech Republic and export worldwide.


What you can expect:

  • Ecellent quality. We're precise! All our products go through rigorous quality control, not unlike factory new ammunition of renowned brands.
  • All our civilian production is manufactured in accordance with internationally accepted C.I.P. standards.
  • Affordable prices. We're shooters too and we do realize shooting can be costly.

What we offer:

Our production of ammunition

A sample of our regular ammunition production. For more information contact us.


We are here for you, let us know what you need.

Brass Buyback

We buy spent brass casings of all calibers!