Factory new

Pistol ammunition
Code 9-N-124-MB
EAN 0725765133205

9 mm Luger 124 gr. FMJ

Our factory ammunition from this line is manufactured with brand new components. This particular cardridge is loaded with regular CuZn30 brass casings. This variation of 9 mm Luger works in all types of firearms, pistols, light machineguns, PDWs, rifles, PPCs, etc... The only difference is in a lower price. All our cartridges conform to the C.I.P. standards and are exceptionally reliable and consistent.

Size and packaging

9 mm Luger Factory new

Pistol ammunition - 100 ks

Price incl. VAT / In stock

590 CZK

487,60 CZK without VAT

Parameters of ammunition

Bullet 124 gr FMJ
Velocity 350 m/s
Energy 492 J
Power factor 142 IPSC

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