Factory new

Rifle ammunition
Code 54R-148A-C

7,62 x 54R 148 gr FMJ

7,62 x 54R SURPLUS ammunition is civilian grade, cold-war era ammunition made by Chinese manufacturers. After unpacking we check and fire samples from various batches to make sure the ammunition functions in civilian firearms such as PKM or SVD. These cartridges were loaded with standard FMJ bullets and thus comply with the C.I.P. standards for civilian use.


Note: These cartridges are only available upon request in larger batches.


Size and packaging

7,62 x 54R Factory new

Rifle ammunition - 400 ks

Price incl. VAT / In stock

3 800 CZK

3 140,50 CZK without VAT

Parameters of ammunition

Bullet 148 gr FMJ BT
Velocity 828 m/s
Energy 3291 J
Power factor 402 IPSC

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