Factory new

Rifle ammunition
Code 762-RF-123A
EAN 0745760240845

7,62 x 39 123 gr FMJ

We refurbish this cartridge from older Soviet surplus ammo by delaboration, decapping, revitalizing the steel case and the bullet. Then we copper-wash or nickel-plate the case and prime it with a new, non toxic, mercury free, berdan primer. This way we make a new, never fired cartridge that is guaranteed to work in AKs as well as Vz.58s even in full auto mode. This cartridge is available for export as a civilian CIP M item.


The TRAINING category of cartridges are our most versatile ammunition meant for sport shooting, target practice, self defense or defensive training and courses.


Product available on inquiry.

Parameters of ammunition

Bullet 123 gr
Velocity 568 m/s
Energy 1296 J
Power factor 231 IPSC

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