Factory new

Rifle ammunition
Code 762-123A-C
EAN 0745760240845

7,62 x 39 123 gr FMJ

7,62 x 39 SURPLUS ammunition is civilian grade, cold-war era ammunition made by Chinese manufacturers. After unpacking we check and fire samples from various batches to make sure the ammunition functions in civilian firearms such as AK-47 or Vz.58. These cartridges were loaded with standard FMJ bullets and thus comply with the C.I.P. standards for civilian use.


Note: These cartridges are only available upon request in larger batches.


Size and packaging

7,62 x 39 Factory new

Rifle ammunition - 700 ks

Price incl. VAT / In stock

6 160 CZK

5 090,91 CZK without VAT

Parameters of ammunition

Bullet 123 gr FMJ
Velocity 730 m/s
Energy 2124 J
Power factor 294 IPSC

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