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Rifle ammunition
Code 223-N-55-NORMA

.223 REMINGTON 55 gr FMJ

GetLoad s.r.o. offers cutting edge ammunition norma in the .223 REMINGTON caliber of the TACTICAL line. These fantastic cartridges from the Norwegian manufacturer belong amongst the best on the market with its quality and reliability. Among many matters of course belong crimped, nickel plated primers, precision manufactured tombac bullets, naturally non-magnetic, and top quality brass casings ensuring flawless functionality even in the most adverse conditions.


Packaged by 30 cartridges in paper boxes.

Size and packaging

.223 REMINGTON Factory new

Rifle ammunition - 30 ks

Price incl. VAT / In stock

435 CZK

359,50 CZK without VAT

.223 REMINGTON Factory new

Rifle ammunition - 900 ks

Price incl. VAT / In stock

12 658,50 CZK

10 461,57 CZK without VAT

Parameters of ammunition

Bullet 55 gr FMJ BT
Velocity 988 m/s
Energy 1754 J
Power factor 178 IPSC

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