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Pistol ammunition
Code 9-N-115A-BN

9 mm LUGER 115 gr FMJ RN

Most common cartridge for pistol and PCC disciplines. Our cartridge is composed of a FMJ lead core bullet, high quality smokeless powder and brand new, steel, CIP conforming brass casings in various finishes: brass plated, lacquered and polymer coated. Further more each batch of production undergoes a quality check process on specialty equipment, incl. ballistic analisers. To ensure flawless functionality, we fire samples from most common firearms on the market, including Glocks, MP5s, SCORPION EVO, SigSauers, CZs, etc.


Note: These cartridges are only available upon request in larger batches.

Product available on inquiry.

Parameters of ammunition

Bullet 115 gr FMJ
Velocity 405 m/s
Energy 612 J
Power factor 152 IPSC


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Brass Buyback

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