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Pistol ammunition
Code 9-R-124C
EAN 0745760240852

9 mm LUGER 124 gr TMJ TC

Most common cartridge for pistol and rifle disciplines. Our cartridge is composed of a copper plated lead core bullet, high quality smokeless powder and various spent brass casings that undergone a rigorous quality check, several gentle reformatting cycles, deep cleaning and polishing for highest CIP-spec results. Further more each batch of production undergoes a quality check process on specialty equipment, incl. ballistic analisers and to ensure flawless functionality, we fire samples from most common firearms on the market. Due to the nature of the lead-core being completely jacketed in a thin layer of copper, the cartridges are well suite for in-door shooting ranges for more frequent or longer shooting sessions. The bullets also tend to not bounce back as much as FMJ bullets making them far more preferable for steel target shooting.


The DEFENSE category of cartridges are versatile ammunition mainly meant for law enforcement, self defense or defensive training and courses and for concealed carry, where applicable.


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Parameters of ammunition

Bullet 124 gr TMJ TC
Velocity 340 m/s
Energy 466 J
Power factor 138 IPSC

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